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Weight the difference between selling to Fast Land Offers vs. listing your land with an agent.

It is always to your benefit to carefully consider how you would like to sell your vacant land. It doesn’t matter if buyers or sellers are currently favored. You have options. It can be an excellent choice to sell to a direct land buyer since you won’t need to bother with the stress and ordeal of paying commissions and the long turnaround time. An agent might sound more appealing since they’ll be certain they can fetch you a higher price for your land. However, can they actually deliver on it? There is no guarantee! In contrast, when you work with Fast Land Offers, you have a guaranteed and firm cash price. Think about it: if you work with an agent you could be paying months of holding costs, commissions, taxes, and fees.

Check out the details below and run the numbers for yourself to see what option will work best for you! 

 Listing w/ An AgencySOLD To Fast Land Offers
Commissions / Fees:6-10%+  in commissions, plus agent fees, administrative costs, and so onNONE
Who Pays Closing Costs?:2%+ is paid by the sellerNONE – We take care of all costs
Average Days Until Sold:+/- 151 days. But we have seen some parcels listed for years at a time.1 (or as long as you need to decide)
Closing Date:45-60 +/- days after accepting the buyer’s offer45 Days
Time Invested:It could be months or even yearsOnly a few days

Do The Math – See What Makes The Most Sense For YOUR Situation!

It is easy and always absolutely free to get an offer on the sale of your land to Fast Land Offers. Our offers come with no obligation whatsoever. We will make you an offer. You decide if you wish to accept or not. That’s it!

When you work directly with a land buyer like us, you can look forward to a veritable bounty of benefits.

  • Sell land fast! Once title work and due diligence are complete we can go ahead and set up the closing and get you paid! What a relief.
  • Stop paying property taxes NOW! Work with us and you can hand over all responsibility for your burdensome land ASAP. This can save you some serious money!
  • Fast Land Offers will cover all costs. We cover every cost and fee associated with the sale of your land. The costs include title work, soil inspections, real estate attorney or title company fees, and any other due diligence inspections needed. When you work with us, what you see is truly what you get.
  • Put delinquent taxes behind you. Have you fallen somewhat behind on your taxes? If you aren’t even using the land, isn’t selling a good idea? You can get a nice check to cash when you sell us your land directly.

Our job is to make selling your land both fast and easy. We are committed to paying a fair price for the land that you don’t have a use for. Think about working with us before you commit to the whole ordeal with the help of an agent. You’ll save tons of time, money, and energy if you work with Fast Land Offers. You won’t pay any fees or commissions, and you can have a check in your hands before you know it. As a Land Buyer with over 6 years of experience, we know how to make the process fast!

Maybe working with us is right for you. We sure do hope so!

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